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For the convenience of residents who hold transfer station usage stickers we have at the transfer station marked bins for glass, metal and plastic containers, and for newspapers.


Following is a list of acceptable materials. As the program develops, it may be expanded to include more items.


Please pay particular attention to the instructions on the preparation of materials. It is especially important that all containers be rinsed free of food, cleaning chemicals, etc. This will help maintain the cleanliness of the recycling site and protect the health of the workers who will be handling the materials. Proper preparation of the recyclables increases their marketability, which in turn will help ensure the long-term success of the program. Glass, plastic, and metal cans may be commingled (mixed). Please crush plastic.

Plastic Bottles, Jars, Jugs, & Tubs

  • Plastic Bottles and Containers (empty containers with lids and caps ON)

  • Plastic Soda, Water & Drink Bottles

  • Plastic Food & Household Bottles/Jars
    (screw top bottles and jars, ex. ketchup, mayonnaise, detergent, shampoo)

  • Plastic Tubs & Lids
    (ex. yogurt, margarine, cottage cheese)

  • Plastic Produce, Deli & Bakery Containers, Cups, Trays
    (take-out containers, berries/produce containers)

  • Please crush plastic containers

Please do not include:

  • No plastic bags or plastic utensils


  • No Polystyrene (Styrofoam)


  • No juice packs or milk cartons

Glass Bottles & Jars

  • Glass bottles and jars (empty containers with caps OFF)

  • All glass colors


Please do not include:

  • No rings, caps or lids

  • No windows, mirrors, or plate glass


  • No light bulbs or tubes


  • No dishes, ceramics, or Pyrex

Metal Cans & Aluminum

  • Metal cans and Aluminum (empty containers)

  • Steel, tin, and aluminum cans


  • Clean aluminum pie plates and  trays

Please do not include:

  • No chains, wires or hangers


  • No aerosol cans

  • No paint cans

  • No flammable substance containers

  • No aluminum foil

Paper & Cardboard

paper and cardboard.png
  • Magazines & Catalogs

  • All newspapers & inserts

  • Paperboard (cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, etc.) & paper bags

  • Cardboard – please flatten

  • Pizza boxes – remove food and greasy sections

  • Paperback books

  • Office paper, Junk mail (Staples, paperclips, spirals, & plastic envelope windows are OK)

  • Gift wrap

Please do not include:

  • No recyclables with food waste


  • No napkins, paper towels, tissues

  • No paper cups or paper plates

  • No wax cardboard

  • No foil paper, Mylar, or Tyvek

  • No shredded paper

recycle hanson.png

Waste Oil is collected the First Saturday of each month

REMEMBER: Adding materials not on the accepted list will do more harm than good!


More Information

For more information, please contact the Hanson Board of Health

Open Hours

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 8am to 5pm

Tuesday from 8am to 8pm

Friday from 8am to 12pm

Transfer Station is open

Monday, Tuesday & Friday – 8:45am – 4:45pm

Closed for lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Saturday & Sunday  - 8:45am – 4:45pm

Closed Wednesday & Thursday


Town of Hanson

Board of Health
Town Hall

542 Liberty Street, 2nd Floor

Hanson, MA 02341

781-293-3138, ext. 122

Transfer Station

201 Franklin St, Route 27

Hanson MA 02341


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